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Carol H  - Angie's List Review

I had permanent make-up applied several years ago by another individual, who I won't name. That first experience was devastating ,definitely not professional. The make-up was uneven and way too dark; I couldn't go out for a week!  Back then it cost me over $1,000 to repair the first job.  I've seen other's who've had permanent makeup done more recently and the results looked decided to look on line and found Maria, owner of A Face Forever LLC.  I was happily surprised to see her training certificates and experience recommendations as well a the various current , more real looking techniques she offers.  After speaking with her, I felt confident she was a professional and could provide the service I wanted with minimal down time.  She did an excellent bruising...I was totally able to go out the next questions asked.  Maria did a fantastic job and her office is serene and private.  She is available to answer any questions.  A 100% better experience than the first time several years ago.  I highly recommend her services.

Adel W.  - Angie's List Review

I have been going to Maria DeSantis for a number of years. I have very sparse eyebrows and light eyelashes and without makeup, I look  pale. Applying makeup is time consuming and sometimes the results are less than perfect.  By the end of the workday, my makeup is long gone. As a professional person working in a large corporation, I want and need to look my best.  As a woman of advancing age, I want to make sure my makeup is age appropriate and applied properly. After doing thorough research on permanent makeup and various professionals, I decided Maria had the in-depth training, expertise and professionalism I wanted. She will never make you look garish or overdone. She has an artistic eye for color and symmetry. She spends time discussing your wishes, and carefully explains what she can do to meet them. Her workspace is exceptionally clean and she strictly follows appropriate methods of sterilization before, during and after all procedures. If you have a question afterward, she promptly calls you back to discuss. I've had Maria enhance my eyebrows and apply eyeliner to my upper and lower eyelids.  She uses medical topical anesthesia and there is little discomfort.  I believe I have made three visits to Maria over the years and will be calling her again soon for a touch-up.  She keeps excellent records and photos on each person.  I am now free from worrying about my eye makeup, it is professionally done, subtle, and just perfect. Maria is one of the best, if not the best, in her field. She works with many doctors and plastic surgeons to help men and women who suffer from a variety of medical issues that have compromised their self esteem improve their appearances.  She will definitely exceed your expectations and enhance your looks.

Andrea M. - Angie's List Review

I visited Maria on 3/22/2013 for a touch up on my eyebrows and eyeliner. I've been going to her for this service since 2008, and I always have been very pleased with the results.

Member Comments:

This visit was for a touch up to my eyebrows and eyeliner.  As usual, the office and treatment area were spotless, light and serene. Maria keeps up with the latest products, equipment and techniques to ensure the client has the very best results. She keeps a detailed file on each person, complete with photos and procedural history. She takes the time to discuss what you want, what you liked/didn't like about the color/shape/thickness/thinness/feathering. She asks numerous questions about your health, medications, skin care after reviewing the questionnaire everyone completes before the session begins. Using your photos, Maria reviews what she will do to enhance the area you want treated, what colors she will use and why and what results she anticipates. She is very knowledgeable, precise and focused.
You will be resting comfortably on a heated treatment table, with very soft music on in the background. Maria uses a topical anesthesia prior to starting the procedure and it is effective in lessening the discomfort.  Being someone who reacts to pain, I can tell you that this is not a painful process and I had both eyeliner (upper & lower) and eyebrows done on the same visit.  It's mildly uncomfortable, but very bearable. She is an expert at what she does. She will continually ask how you're doing, and will apply additional topical anesthesia if/when you request it.  I've honestly had more discomfort getting my teeth cleaned, so rest assured you can easily get this done.
When the process is completed, Maria will have you lay quietly for about 5 - 10 minutes with cool compresses over the area(s).  Then you'll sit up while Maria checks and double checks her work for symmetry. She'll review aftercare with you thoroughly and give you detailed written instructions for home care. If you should need to call her at any time afterward, she is always available, but I have to say in all the time I've gone to her, I've never had any aftercare issues.
You will have some slight swelling (each person has different reactions), and in two days my swelling was gone (some people take a day or so longer).  The color will at first look very dark, but that does settle over the next few days and in about a week the final color is visible.
This is definitely worth it if you have sparse eyebrows, if you are very pale, if you are older and can't apply your make-up as deftly as you used to - or if you just want to save time each day and still look your best.
If you are deliberating who to go to for this service, I strongly recommend Maria DeSantis.  She is the very best at this, and that's why so many plastic surgeons reach out to her for their patients.

Kimberly D. - Facebook Review

Maria did an awesome job creating eyebrows for me. She picked a color that matched my fair complexion and no one knows that they are cosmetically tattooed. Maria also did my eyeliner. Again, another superb job!! I highly recommend A Face Forever to anyone!! Oh and one more important piece of information ... this establishment is the cleanest, most sanitized environment you will encounter! Thank you Maria for making me feel comfortable and beautiful.

Odie A. - Facebook Review

Maria is a professional Not only in the work she preforms but in her mannerisms and ability to. make her customers feel at ease and beautiful. Thank you Maria for everything you have done for me!

Stacey B. - Facebook Review 

A high level of professional work at a reasonable price. Maria's personality lends to an extremely pleasant experience. 

I highly recommend this practice.

Anna M. - Facebook Review

If you are looking for a flawless look for yourself the procedures Maria offers are most definitely the way to go. Her professional manner and the way she matches your look to give you a natural elegance is fabulous! 

Thank you so much

Sue S.

Very professional and caring all at the same time. I would recommend to everyone... the healing process was fantastic and her office is so clean and it makes you feel so comfortable.

Maggie Bergbauer -  Vagaro Review

"Maria is excellent! I am always very pleased with the results after I visit"

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