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Who should Apprentice you?

After a primary training week, we are always asked by students " who could apprentice me?"

The answer is anyone that is a certified practitioner can supervise an apprenticeship.

However, that can be an issue because not all practitioners have the same level of experience and knowledge to properly help a student who still in their raw stages of training.

A student that has just passed their exam and received a certified practitioner certificate is unlikely to be experienced enough to help you through apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are not just about watching over a student performing a procedure. It is continuing the education of that student by strengthening their weaknesses; whether it is with color theory, proper needle choice, troubleshooting, skin issues, cross contamination, proper topical use, etc.

Your apprenticeships should not be taken lightly because it is your continuing education with a one on one private training to prepare you for a successful future in Permanent Makeup.

From my experience with proctoring the AAM exams I have noticed that a large percentage of students that were apprenticed by novice practitioners were not properly prepared for their association exams.

When apprenticed by a Board Certified Instructor (preferably an active certified instructor) you will not only receive continuous primary and advance one on one private training but also have the most updated association regulations and protocol to follow through your private practice.

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