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Microblading: For Perfect Eyebrows…All the Time

Everyone loves the idea of perfectly groomed, finely shaped brows. They’re a defining feature of your face, and can instantly show how you’re feeling at any given time. With so much riding on them – so to speak – it pays to have them look their best at all times!

That’s where microblading comes in, a semi-permanent procedure that uses super-fine hair strokes to provide well-sculpted, natural eyebrows. Maria DeSantis, owner of A Face Forever, is a specialist and a licensed provider of microblading and in the application of permanent facial cosmetics. When you place your face in Maria’s hands, you can be confident that your treatment will be safely and beautifully done.

Microblading: A closer look…and a caution

Microblading is a safe, painless procedure that has your brows looking their best 24/7, for up to three years! It’s a great option for people with skin conditions or who are undergoing procedures that result in hair loss.

But as Maria states in a previous blog post, be careful! There is a rising epidemic of microblading services being performed at illegal locations by poorly trained (or illegal) practitioners. Before committing to this procedure, it pays to do your homework and only go to practitioners who are fully licensed to perform it.

Take that first step toward a better, more confident you! Contact Maria at A Face Forever today to learn about all of our services designed to enhance your brows, eyes and lips. You’ll be glad you did!

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