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Maria DeSantis

AAM Instructor, AAM East Coast Ethics Chair and Secretary

When teaching permanent cosmetics, whether it’s a primary or advance class 1/2 of the students just can't grasp the color theory much less the color correction segment.

So when they are on their own, they are totally lost!

Let me give you a few tips to help you on your way.

TIP #1

Before you commit to a pigment line you should make sure that the pigment company has a support contact where you can call, text, email and be able to send them your clients photos for troubleshooting.

You may also seek out several different permanent cosmetic forums online or on social media sites that have posted good reviews of different pigment companies that are favorable.

TIP #2

I’ve heard permanent cosmetic practitioners frequently switching pigment lines because they can’t seem to get the right color for their client that needs correction work.

Buying several lines of pigment is not going to magically correct that eyebrow to the perfect color!

After choosing your pigment, now it’s time for you to Master your pigment line, especially the correction colors.

What does this mean?

In your clients file take detailed notes: The brow color that needs correction, ethnic background, Fitzpatrick scale, color formula, needles, healed results before first touch up and most important good photos.

This will take time so be patient! Color corrections may take more then 2 visits.

If you are baffled of a healed result simply call the pigment company support contact.

TIP #3

Don’t over buy! Ask the pigment company about a starter kit with there MUST correction colors included. Open those bottles and play with them.

TIP #4

Sit in on a color correction lecture at a permanent cosmetic conference.

TIP #5

Attention Micro-bladers - If you have never had primary permanent cosmetic training,

I stronger urge you to sign up for a course ASAP! Lots of nightmares going on out there! Yicks!

To find a reputable primary training facility go on the AAM site to find a location near you.

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