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Top Off Your Look Using Makeup

After you’ve gotten some terrific outfits you might want to consider changing up your makeup routine. Check out these basic tips for women of color to learn how to get the confidence you deserve.

Find Your Foundation Color

Matching the foundation to your skin tone is key. Use a foundation shade-finder to help ID your skin’s shade and undertones. Undertones are grouped into warm, cool and neutral. The warm ones hint of tones that are golden, yellowed, honeyed or peachy; cool undertones have colors with suggestions of red, blue or brown; skin with a neutral nuance has no apparent warm, pink or blue undertones, making it more balanced. Knowledge about the colors of your skin and undertones can help you find which foundation shade matches your skin hue, which enhances your skin rather than cover it up unnaturally.

Frame Your Eyes with Your Brows

Your brows help accentuate your eyes and needn’t be colored in or shaped too powerfully to make an impact. Create them simply with a defined shape and even color. Perfect that arc for a baseline to work off of for coloring. It will then be easy to fill in or define their shape even further with various tools, such as pencils, powder and gels.

Put on Eye Makeup

An eyeshadow palette in nudes and neutrals is the perfect tool to delve into the ever-expanding universe of eye makeup. Use these simple steps for application:

  • Apply the lightest shade evenly over the eyelid.

  • Add a middle tone to the eye crease and blend upwards.

  • Dab the darkest color in the far corner of the eye, just at the crease.

  • Then add eyeliner. Apply the liner right at the lash line above and below the eye, and use a Q-tip or small brush to blend if needed. Brush on the mascara as close to the lash line as possible and carefully swipe to the lashes’ end.

Journeys into the beauty world are exciting! Makeup is a fun and easy tool to enhance your natural beauty and become your most poised self.

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