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Consultation Blog 2018

Why is it so important to have a consultation with a new client before the actual procedure?

Here are a few great reasons


The last thing you want is to NOT be prepared!

For example, you receive a call from a new client that claims she’s just wants a color refresher

on old work that’s almost gone. You book the 2 hour appointment with no consultation or selfie

sent to you.

She shows up with a huge surprise! Green brows with a halo of old orange correction color.

OMG !!!! PANIC !!!

“What do I do?”

“Where do I start”

"I don’t have the pigments to correct her brows!”

“I’m not experienced with this type of skin or technique.”

“Why can’t I contact my mentor to help me?“

“The client sees I’m panicking”

“ I can’t do this and just wasted 2 hours”

All of the above are examples why not only should your potential new client send you a selfie

but they must come in for a consultation before you schedule the appointment.

See your subject in person so you can game plan your appointment and be prepared before the

procedure visit.

Yes, we all like the convenience of email or texting selfies but I have had times when clients

sent me a selfie in bad lighting or still had some makeup on. A totally different story walked

through my door at the appointment. See the real McCoy in person and build your relationship

with your new client.

Also give yourself enough time to reach out to your mentor / instructor for advise or placing an

order for supplies you might need. FYI - Know your suppliers shipping ETA. Nothing worse

then sweating a delivery.

Finally, If you feel that you’re out of your comfort zone even with the help of your mentor simply

be honest with the client.

Send them to someone that specializing in the technique your are not familiar with.

Last thing you want to do is screw up on someone and when she writes a bad review on social

media. Yikes!

REmemeber, preparation is key to confidence, a successful procedure and a pleased client.

2. People need visuals. Begin by doing a temporary application with OTC cosmetics on one half

of their face. Even if they are just interested in Brows show them what you can achieve on all 3

facial features. Reshape their brows with a beautiful arch, plump up their lips by enhancing their

bow, give them a mini eye lift by creating a flared liner tail.

3. Share with your new client that you practice only with sterile and disposable needles and

other miscellaneous supplies. Trust me they will be very appreciative that your shared this

information and build a trust of your professionalism.

4. Be proud and show off your accomplishments.

Make sure all your certifications and licenses are nicely displayed on a wall where they can be

clearly viewed. Have a testimonial book of all your Client Thank you notes sitting where they

can be read and finally share your portfolio of your best work. Get them excited to want a new

fresh look.

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