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Permanent Makeup: Go Ahead…Try It…You’ll Love It!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

So they say beauty is only skin deep. That may be true. But the fact is that most women seek to optimize their looks with the help of … a little makeup. The problem is that makeup is a temporary enhancement. Eventually time (and a good face wash) will erase its effects. If you’re tired of having to apply makeup every day, go for a more permanent solution — with permanent cosmetics!

Maria DeSantis, owner of A Face Forever, is a specialist and a licensed provider of permanent cosmetics using superior, state-of-the-art technologies. When you place your face in Maria’s hands, you can be confident that your treatment will be safely and beautifully done — whether it’s to your brows, eyes or lips!

10 great reasons to go “permanent”

  1. Frees you up from time-consuming daily makeup applications

  2. Gives better definition to your lips – adding fullness

  3. Helps correct less-than-perfect facial features

  4. You can exercise and sweat and still look great

  5. Enhances facial symmetry

  6. Accentuates the eyes

  7. Enhances brow appearance

  8. Enhances lip color that works with your skin and hair tones

  9. Saves money that you’d regularly spend on makeup

Maria DeSantis at A Face Forever has a strong commitment to her clients throughout the entire treatment process. She’ll use her artistry and skills to bring out your best facial features for precisely the look you want to achieve! For more information, call today

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